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IP Connectivity for Remote Machines

Over the past few months, your workforce has likely changed. You’ve got more remote workers and offsite machines to keep track of, keep up-to-date, and keep connected. As system administrators ourselves, we understand that technology needs to evolve to handle new challenges. That’s why we created PDQ Link. PDQ Link enables remote users to link to your network and access internal resources anywhere they have connectivity, much like a traditional VPN, but without the typical troubles that come with most hardware and software VPN solutions. This also means PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory work when your end users are connected. 

PDQ Link works with or replaces your existing VPN. No additional equipment to buy or additional licensing. PDQ Link is a two-part tool. First, it automates the setup of Remote Access Server and Network Policy Server. Then it creates a customized installer that handles configuring the client connection and automates the client connection for your users. It’s easy for you and easy for your end-users. Oh, and it just so happens that PDQ Deploy and Inventory work seamlessly with PDQ Link.

Your next question might be, how much is this going to cost me? We’re offering PDQ Link as a free download through 2020. Download it before the end of 2020 and keep using this version of PDQ Link through 2020, 21, 22, 23, and beyond at no cost. 

Download PDQ Link

Free in 2020

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Hub and Spoke

PDQ Link gives you full IP connectivity for remote machines to the local network where the server is hosted. Think of it as a hub and spoke. You get connectivity without the need for complex licensing, hardware, or user interaction.

Automated Setup

PDQ Link uses tested baseline settings to automate the setup of Remote Access Server saving you time and potential headaches. When installation is complete, a custom installer is created with your server-side settings that will install the client-side connection. This will be how your remote machines reach your server. Once installed, your user will only need to log in to be connected; simple, secure connectivity.

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Connect Off-site

PDQ Link is more than just a solution to manage offsite computers. PDQ Link gives your remote users access to network resources inside the perimeter of your network.